Why This Blog??

I started this blog for several extremely important reasons and I hope you have had a chance to dig through it a little bit.  You can read our story starting on the “Scavenger Hunt” page, check out some of the kids on the “Meet the kids” page as well as click through the pictures on the “home” page under Featured Posts and you can follow our specific adoption journey on the “latest updates” page.  Make sure you sign up to follow the blog so you get notified of new updates too!

And that brings me to the first reason for the blog.  Simply to keep friends, family, well-wishers, prayer warriors, fellow adopters and acquaintances, up to speed on our journey to bring Nicholas home.  I am honored to share this experience to help spread awareness of the process, the cost, the fears, the emotions and, God-willing, the triumph.

My second reason, and more important one than simply sharing our own experience, is that I  want to advocate for the kids by sharing them.  I firmly believe that God has a family in mind for every child.  I hope to do some very important matchmaking!!  They can’t be adopted if no one knows about them.  I want to share their faces and ask you to do the same!  Please share this blog.  Click over to Reece’s Rainbow for all the special needs orphans listed for adoption and share that too. Share, share, share!

I am living proof that this works and is powerful and is critical to helping these kids!  They do have families out there, plain and simple.  Your one little share just might be the key to SAVING A CHILD’s LIFE.

In this day of social media and the internet, the capability of reaching thousands and thousands is simple, easy and real.

Another reason for sharing this blog is to be a witness for Jesus Christ to all who read.  I pray I might witness in word and in deed, and that all who read “will know we are Christians by our Love”.

It is LOVE for God-given LIFE and respect for Human DIGNITY  that drives this effort.

Share the orphans and Be Blessed.


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