The Process

August 2012 

Communicated with Reece’s Rainbow about the child in our heart. Sent the $25 application fee and forms along with a $250 love offering.

They put us in touch with an adoption agency that is licensed in the region we are adopting from and we started the process with H.A.P.S.  Sent in our Pre-homestudy paperwork along with a homestudy deposit fee of $900.  Initial fingerprints and Child abuse clearance was completed (free in NYS).

Total cost in August: $1175

September 2012

Our social worker was assigned and our first appointment set up.  While we waited we got our personal and school reference letters as well as medical forms underway and gathered all of our vital records to have ready for our homestudy visit.

First visit we paid the remaining homestudy fee of $1300

Total cost in Sept. $1300

October 2012

Our second homestudy visit was on 10/9/12

Homestudy is complete 10/25/12

Wed. Oct. 23, we are starting online parent training courses that account for 50 of the 80 required hours.  (this would have been done by now but has just been made available as per new requirements that went into effect Sept. 1 2012) Cost is $105.

Fri. Oct 26 – 50 hours of online parent training complete!

The certificate for the 50 hours of training will be submitted to the Eastern European government along with our completed Homestudy, pictures we took (of our home, family and neighborhood), fingerprint and child abuse clearances, and apostilled agency applications as a preliminary dossier.

If all goes well with that process we should have an invitation to travel to meet our little Nicholas by year-end!

Total cost in Oct. $105

November 2012

Nov. 1, Sent in our program Registration and fee of $2500 to the agency to get our preliminary dossier sent to the EE government.

Recieved completed homestudy in the mail at the end of November.

In Mid-November we were told that we could not register our dossier until we obtain for 171H.  In order to get that form we submitted our I-600A application to US Immigration services (Homestudy required to submit this app).  Once it is processed we will be given an appointment for fingerprints. Fee for the app and fingerprinting of 3 adults was $975 plus $30 to overnight it.

Total Cost in Nov: $3505

December 2012

Waiting for our fingerprint appointment so that we can obtain form 171H and finally file our dossier.

What we expect from this point forward 

First and foremost we expect that it won’t be what we expect!

When we make our first trip to meet Nicholas we will be visiting with him twice a day for two hours each.  I believe we meet with his doctor also on this trip.  Once we are home from our first trip we work on getting all of our court documents together for the official Dossier.  We will also need an additional 30 hours of face-to-face parent training.   Once that is registered we make a second trip where we will go to court to finalize the adoption and God-willing Nicholas will be our son!!  There is then a 30 day waiting period before we can bring him home so we will make a 3rd trip to pick him up.  Each trip is about one week long.

Estimated time of this whole process is about 9 months.


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