Scavenger Hunt

How We Found Our Son – A Virtual Scavenger Hunt

First published on our Caringbridge site

Written Sep 25, 2012 11:02am

Now that we’ve shared our news that we are adopting, many are asking how we found little Nicholas.  It was so simple and really beautiful but somehow it makes for kind of a long story.  I thought it might be fun to take you on the same little journey I went on. Some amazing blogging women have helped me to put together a Virtual Scavenger Hunt that starts with this post and takes you through all the clicks I made that led us to our Son.  It’s a fun tribute to this age of social media and the internet – God is working through it in a big way!!  Make sure you click all the links so you can really share the experience and arrive at a surprise ending!

A couple of years ago I got an email from a friend of a friend of a friend to my sister-in-law who passed it along to me.  It was an article titled “I was Robbed” and I just loved it.  The author details growing up Catholic but as an adult finds herself at a loss as to what the faith really teaches.  She goes on a journey of learning and searching for truth that ultimately leads her right back to the Church.  One of my favorite lines in the whole story comes when she’s asking her mother’s opinion of leaving the church.  Her mother’s response?  “Before you leave, you should find out what it is that you’re leaving.”  Go Mom.  I loved that simple truth and find it so relevant for so many of us Catholics.  I passed that article around and around whenever it was appropriate and even referred to it in the course of everyday conversation at times.   The message is just so good, relate-able and relevant, and the call to action important for our times.

I think it really spoke to my own experience as an adult as well.  Like the author, I came to a point when I was challenged to defend my faith but realized, despite attending Catholic school my entire life, I didn’t really know what it was.  That is not only an uncomfortable place to be, it’s an irresponsible one.  So by the Grace of God I sought the truth and by that same Grace, I found it.

Of course you all know Mikey’s story and the journey with him only served to put all my new-found knowledge and faith to the supreme test.  What I found was even more beautiful than I ever imagined.  I didn’t just reaffirm facts, rather I came to know and understand Truths.  That is one of the reasons I often write that I am so thankful to God for allowing me on that journey.  What if I had never known?  What kind of life would that be?

But it didn’t end there.  God is continuously calling and I want nothing more than to share His goodness and His Love and His truth.

I would shout it from the rooftops if I could but I decided to settle on a humble little blog instead.

A few months ago I started writing about the lessons God is always throwing at me in my everyday little life and titled it Godversations .  (Did I ever tell you the story of that name?  In a nutshell, Nichole was talking about something and I threw in my 2 God cents and she rolled her eyes and said, “Mom, does everything have to be a Godversation?”   I loved the term (not the sarcasm) but I guess the answer is “Yup – that’s how I roll!”  That realization, combined with all of your love and encouragement, and voilà – Godversations was born.)  I quickly discovered that writing blog posts is really the easy part!  There is a lot more that goes into a successful blog and I soon realized that the necessary networking with other bloggers was presenting a big challenge for me.  I left it in the Lord’s hands, to guide the readers that needed to be there, and have focused on doing the best I can to get it written and published.  Well, one Saturday morning at the end of July I was inexplicably moved to hide away with my computer for a bit and start clicking around.  This really surprised me since my to-do list was a little overwhelming – as usual.  There’s a blog I’ve been reading for a while because I get updates via email, and I thought it would be nice to actually go to her website.  I clicked over to Accepting Abundance and I read Stacy’s latest terrific post.

And I still can’t believe how it spiraled from there!

Click TH IS LINK  to go there for more of the story


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