Brandi, Theodore, Kramer, Chad, Garnet and Harvey

update Oct. 16 – the files for these kids have been sent back with the unspoken message that they were not wanted.  A serious inquiry might be the only way for the child to be re-listed for adoption.

Help! Please share these kids.  In just a few days their files expire and get sent back!  They will no longer be listed on Reece’s Rainbow and their chances of being found decrease dramatically!  Look at these precious faces.  Pray for them.  Consider donating to their grants and help make it possible for their families to commit.  Consider them before it’s too late for them.  Please!*** UPDATE 11/30/12***  Theodore has been chosen!  Praise God.  Hang on cutie your family is on the way!!!

This is Theodore. Isn’t he handsome?  You should see his smile!  click HERE.

This is Chad.  Another handsome one!  Click HERE for his info.

This is sweet Brandi.  She spends her days in a crib with no one to really care for her and nurture her.  Please consider Brandi and click HERE for her info.

This is Harvey.  I know there is someone very special chosen for Harvey.  Where are you?  Click HERE for his info.

***** 12/12/12 Garnet has been chosen.  Praise God!****This is Garnet.  She is a 10 year-old jewel!  Click HERE for her info.

*****12/12/12 Kramer has been chosen!  Praise God!!!****  This is Kramer.  There are more photos available of this 8 year-old cutie!  Click HERE for his info.

So many children have broken free of their bondage and come home to forever families.  Many children have been chosen and have families on the way to them.  But these kids, and so many others, still wait.

Please Help them in any way you can!


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