This little soul breaks my heart!  His basic needs are not being met (water!) and he’s living ‘behind bars’ when he would probably THRIVE in a family.  Blonde hair and blue eyes and so handsome but he’s almost out of time!!!!!  Picture his smile.  Imagine his hugs.  Uuugh someone rescue this worthy boy!!

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Racing to Love

So I thought blogging about our adoption journey and the orphans would be a piece of cake since we are so excited and just have so much love for these kids.  The reality is that stepping into this world is hard and sad and difficult.  For every beautiful story and happy ending, it seems there are hundreds of heartbreaking and difficult stories. Take the family who committed to taking that tremendous leap of faith once again, only to find out that they are not approved because they have too many children with special needs, or the family in a mad race to rescue the child of their hearts, only to find out they are not in time and their child went home to the Lord instead.  The thousands and thousands and thousands of children, all over the world, who merely exist without love or food or medicine or stimulation or a family, break my heart a million times over.  Why do we have so much when these poor innocent children really have nothing.  How can we give to them?  And the heartbreak doesn’t end with the orphans.  At every turn there is tragedy and suffering and injustice.  Families in our own country without jobs and facing an uncertain future, tragic accidents, natural disasters and loss are almost constant blows for all of us.  The pain and brokenness is overwhelming and yet we are called to live with JOY.  As Christians we need to be light to the world and through our relationship with Jesus should possess the peace that passes all understanding, but sometimes that feels like a really tall order.  It would be all too easy to throw our hands up and retreat.  It would be little more than instinct sometimes to run for shelter.  But to where should we run??

Luckily there is HOPE that conquers the fallen world we live in.  We don’t have to shoulder the world’s pain and burden.  We don’t have to mitigate the evil that surrounds us.  What we do have to do is TRUST in Jesus the savior, despite our pain and sorrow and fear.  His Love can heal the whole world and each of us is called to be a vessel of that saving and healing love. We can trust with Joy in the sovereignty and providence of Almighty God.  He has every single orphan and every person who is hungry or homeless or oppressed or afraid in His sights and has a plan of salvation for each and every one.

In the face of overwhelming pain it can be tempting to question our purpose.  Many who suffer wonder what is the point of life at all?  And while that answer may not always be the feel-good remedy the world demands, we can rest assured that there is an answer.  There is absolutely, without doubt, a tremendous and worthy purpose and point for every living soul God has created.  We are wonderfully and fearfully made, on purpose, for a purpose, in God’s own image and likeness.  We have gifts and graces to carry out our purpose and need not fear because we belong to the ruler of all that is good and holy and righteous.  The same is true of the orphans who wither away in their institutions neglected and unwanted.  They are worthy and necessary and God has a divine plan for all of them.

There are nearly a million orphans in the world and we are racing to rescue just one.  It could be tempting to throw our hands up and say, “what is the point?”  Tempting, as the evil one would have it.  But that sure wouldn’t be the kind of Love that saves anyone, and least of all, ourselves.  We are called to Love like Christ, wherever we are, and in every small way that we can.  This is the path to sainthood that has been paved for each of us.

“We know only too well that what we are doing is nothing more than a drop in the ocean. But if the drop were not there, the ocean would be missing something.”  Mother Theresa

So we are racing to bring home one little boy.  We are racing to Nicholas despite crazy schedules and overwhelming responsibilities.  We will not, could never, save the world.  That is for God to figure out, but this one small thing we can do for HIM.

We are simply racing to Love.


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Update 10/17/12 Tim has been Chosen!! Praise God!! Pray that his new family will be blessed on their way to get him!

Tim is so Handsome!  He’s an orphanage favorite, responsible, sociable and kind.  He is in regular school and is already 13.  If his family doesn’t find him soon he will age out and have little hope.  His HIV+ and orphan status will follow him forever.  

Click his picture from the featured posts page and then click HERE for his info.

Brandi, Theodore, Kramer, Chad, Garnet and Harvey

update Oct. 16 – the files for these kids have been sent back with the unspoken message that they were not wanted.  A serious inquiry might be the only way for the child to be re-listed for adoption.

Help! Please share these kids.  In just a few days their files expire and get sent back!  They will no longer be listed on Reece’s Rainbow and their chances of being found decrease dramatically!  Look at these precious faces.  Pray for them.  Consider donating to their grants and help make it possible for their families to commit.  Consider them before it’s too late for them.  Please!*** UPDATE 11/30/12***  Theodore has been chosen!  Praise God.  Hang on cutie your family is on the way!!!

This is Theodore. Isn’t he handsome?  You should see his smile!  click HERE.

This is Chad.  Another handsome one!  Click HERE for his info.

This is sweet Brandi.  She spends her days in a crib with no one to really care for her and nurture her.  Please consider Brandi and click HERE for her info.

This is Harvey.  I know there is someone very special chosen for Harvey.  Where are you?  Click HERE for his info.

***** 12/12/12 Garnet has been chosen.  Praise God!****This is Garnet.  She is a 10 year-old jewel!  Click HERE for her info.

*****12/12/12 Kramer has been chosen!  Praise God!!!****  This is Kramer.  There are more photos available of this 8 year-old cutie!  Click HERE for his info.

So many children have broken free of their bondage and come home to forever families.  Many children have been chosen and have families on the way to them.  But these kids, and so many others, still wait.

Please Help them in any way you can!


 Meet 9 year-old Jason.  He has already been transferred and needs a family urgently!  Poor little guy spends his days in a crib or sitting in a stroller outside.  

He’s a sweet little boy and really needs to be loved and nurtured and cared for by a family.  Please consider him for adoption or donate to his grant so another family can make a commitment.  And Please pray for this little one of God.  

Click HERE for his info.

And check out his video too! 


YAAAAAAAAY!  This post was first published on Sept. 25, but as of today, October 5, Zack has a family coming for him!! YAAAAAAAY!  I am raising my hands in thanksgiving and praise.  God is working on healing your broken heart Zack – just hang on!!

URGENT!!!  Zack only has 6 weeks to find a family.  He is currently suffering from a broken and devastated heart.  I know his family is here somewhere.  Please consider this worthy child of God.

click HERE for his story and more info.


These pictures of Nathan really speak a thousand million words.  This is his before transfer picture.  ‘Continue reading’ to see what has become of a precious, chubby and worthy baby and is the fate of so many kids once they are transferred. Please read about, share and pray for sweet Nathan! Please?  Unbelievably he is 8 years-old and is so tiny he hardly looks like he is 2.  He has all the potential in the world if a family will just take the jump and bring him home.  Imagine a smile on his face.  Imagine him growing and thriving and running around in cute little boy clothes.  Imagine him wrapping his arms around you in a great big bear hug.  Imagine him being loved….

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The Joy on this angel’s face is priceless!  Don’t you want to laugh right along with her?  This 6-year-old sweetie has already been transferred from the relative safety and comfort of her baby house to the mental institution.  Join me in praying for this sweet girl; May the Lord preserve her JOY!  From her description she sounds very affectionate and cuddly and there are more pictures of her available HERE.