How We Found Our Son – A Mission of Love

Surprise!  Welcome to my  brand new blog to chronicle our adoption journey.  This is continued from Godversations or click here to start at the beginning of the  virtual scavenger hunt.  When you are finished reading, click on the “Home” tab to check out some of the kids under featured posts.  If you are moved by any of this, please share this blog.  

Looking back it’s easy to see the moment that our lives and hearts changed forever.  It happened with a click.  One little click, out of hundreds or maybe thousands of clicks, brought us face to face with Jesus.

When I first saw Nicholas’ face I was riveted, and as we would learn over the next several days, he is one of so many lost and suffering little souls.  He is just one of thousands who bear the face of Jesus; innocent and persecuted.  As I got a crash course in the plight of special needs orphans in Eastern Europe, I felt ashamed knowing I was part of the crowd yelling “crucify Him, crucify Him”.  These kids suffer, sometimes at the hands of evil, other times as just victims of the circumstance of the culture.  Either way a diagnosis of Down syndrome is a sentence of suffering, loneliness, starvation, and hopelessness.  Thanks to the advocacy of Reece’s Rainbow,  thousands of hearts, who also see Jesus in the faces of these kids, have joined a revolution in international adoption.  More and more kids are being chosen and fought for and rescued but there are still far too many waiting.  For the youngest treasures of God’s heart there is renewed Hope, but for the older kids, it dwindles by the day.  Age 5 usually means a transfer to a mental institution where kids will live out the remainder of their days merely existing.  I quickly realized that this beautiful little child in my heart was exactly in that position!  Does he even know enough to HOPE for his Mommy to come and rescue him?  Does he know what a Daddy is?  Does he have any concept of the love of a brother or (lots) of sisters?

I came across his picture very unexpectedly one Saturday evening in August, with not even a thought in the world of adopting.   Even though he captured me from the first I still didn’t really consider bringing him home.   God truly had a different plan for our family however and the Holy Spirit was swift about His work.   Holy tears flowed in earnest as first I was awakened to the idea of getting him and gradually it became more and more within our grasp.

As the fear in my head raised objection after objection, my heart miraculously answered them all.  I said, “There is just no way we can take three trips halfway around the world.  Who will take care of the other kids while we are gone? Not to mention that all the time away from work will be very expensive.”

“If Mikey were there we wouldn’t consider the cost.”

I said, “I don’t know if I can handle adding another child to our family with special needs.”

“We had a child with special needs for 9 months and we wanted to have him for our lifetime.”

I said, “It will likely change our family life forever.”

“It will likely be for the better.”

The objections got smaller from there and very easily discarded until I felt like it really might as well have been our own sweet Michael stuck there; absolutely nothing is or should stop us from bringing him home.

We have officially committed and started the process to bring Nicholas home and I plan to document all that I can here as a testimony to the work God can do with even the smallest Yes.  I hope you will follow us on this new journey in our lives.  No matter how small it may seem, we all have an important part to play for the Kingdom, and your support, prayers, and encouragement are invaluable.  If you doubt that statement think about Stacy’s one little answer to my question on Accepting Abundance and how her link changed the course of our lives.

I hope and pray you will join forces with us, not merely on our singular journey but for the collective journey of all who are called to rescue a child.  Take the time to let your heart be moved for these children.  Look at their faces and see Jesus.

We are on a mission.  One of Salvation and Redemption, for an orphan with Down syndrome, and for our entire family.  It is a mission of adoption; it is a mission of Love.

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15 thoughts on “How We Found Our Son – A Mission of Love

  1. Karen, this scavenger hunt was SO interesting. THANK YOU for sharing the journey with us! I love the idea, and it is quite amazing how it all comes together, isn’t it? I’m so thrilled to be able to follow your journey to bringing Nicholas home! P.S. Even before you committed to adopting him, I had started reading Godversations and had shared one of your posts with all my FB friends. You are quickly becoming one of my favorite bloggers! (No pressure, right?)

  2. Karen,
    All I can say is, I am in awe of you. Congratulations and we are looking forward to sharing in your journey and meeting Nicholas someday.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your journey Karen! I follow your godversations blog and look forward to following you and your family on this fabulous journey you are all on. You truly are an amazing woman. I thank god for placing you in my life.


  4. Karen,
    As usual your words have left me in awe of your amazing faith and am looking forward to sharing in this journey with you. What a blessing and inspiration you are to all of us – we will keep you and your family in our prayers as you journey to bring this precious child home- much love, Rita

  5. Wow..what an inspiration you are. Your children are so blessed, as all who know and love you are 🙂 You and Bill have a rare,but truly awsome, sense of His great Love. What a gift of grace. Thanks for sharing that with us. Love you Sis….G

  6. Karen (and Bill) along with all of the Pullano children, You are truly amazing! I wish I could say I’m surprised by this incredible act of love but I’m not… I look forward to being part of your journey. Please let me know what we can do to support you. Mary Beth & Leo

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